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A Tailored Hiring Solution that
Leverages your Entire Talent Ecosystem

" Office Troops turbo charged our recruitment turned around time in addition to enhancing our ability to source the correct candidate fits in terms of suitability and cultural fit. "

- Amar Nanavati,  GM Nilkamal

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A Recruitment Platform designed for the future.

Think Hiring is what it used to be? Then think again.

With 360 degree candidate assessment, built-in talent pipeline nurturing, data-driven matching and recorded, shareable video interviews, OfficeTroops is designed to take your recruitment into the 21st century.

Everything you need under One Roof…and MORE

OfficeTroops has assembled capabilities that every recruiter will need in the 4k Digital Era:

  • A.I: Baked in: Predicting Hiring, Natural Language Processing

  • Screening: Parsing, Ordering, Digitizing - all the good stuff

  • Video: Video Profiles and multi user video interview panels with transcription

  • Evaluation: Profile match, work-styles match, deep searching for relevant capabilities

  • Collaboration:  Hiring manager participation and vendor involvement

  • Workflow: Of course: Routing, Messaging, Statusing

  • Unbiased: Option to hide names and years of experience for objective hiring

  • Built-in Talent Pipeline Development: Marketing Automation To automatically drive candidate outreach and engagement

  • Deep Analytics: HR level, Job level and Candidate level dashboards and detailed performance analytics


Your very own Sourcing Genie

Every job is promoted on the likes of Google, LinkedIn, and other websites with our premier plans, ensuring a steady flow of applicants.

Plus, built-in integrations with Google Jobs and other popular job boards ensures that all jobs get distributed to the widest audience possible.


User Friendly to The Core

A friendly candidate experience and a conversational tone takes the stress away from applying and ensures more applicant conversions on the OfficeTroops platform for you to choose from.

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Your Videos, Stored & Transcribed

Forget the “once and done” of Skype or Hangouts. With OfficeTroops, every single video gets stored for posterity and analysis. And all videos are transcribed and searchable.


First impressions and panel interviews through video are a breeze with our built-in video capability.


Work-styles as a new Dimension


A candidate should be considered through multiple vantage points. 


OfficeTroops lets you match candidates based on profile & work-style scores for compatibility-fit with specific employment opportunities.


Candidate Engagement, Pre-packaged

OfficeTroops’ B2C approach to interaction ensures that your candidates are always kept engaged with your brand. With custom career pages and automated marketing campaigns, you’ll always have a pipeline of interested and talented prospects.


Say goodbye to Resume Clutter

With the OfficeTroops "My Resumes" feature, all resume files can be uploaded, matched and added to your digital library with 1-click. 

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Amar Nanavati, General Manager, Material Handling, Nilkamal Ltd.

Office troops turbo charged our recruitment turn around time in addition to enhancing our ability to source the correct candidate fits in terms of suitability and cultural fits. The icing on the cake is that the entire process is digital with great dashboards and visibility in the entire hiring process.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for the office troops team. They were passionate about the results.

They consistently completed tasks assigned on time and without errors. It is a pleasure to associate with them.

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