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Engineered for Excellence in Recruitment

We saw the need for a multi-functional recruitment software... so we built it.
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Its All Under One Roof Here

OfficeTroops has assembled capabilities that every recruiter will need in the 4k Digital Era:

  • Sourcing: Built-in promotion on LinkedIn, unique jobs URL and vendor URLs

  • A.I: Baked in: Predicting Hiring, Natural Language Processing

  • Screening: Parsing, Ordering, Digitizing - all the good stuff

  • Video: Video Profiles and 4-way video interview panels with transcription

  • Evaluation: Profile match, work-styles match, deep searching for relevant capabilities

  • Collaboration:  Hiring manager participation and vendor involvement

  • Workflow: Of course: Routing, Messaging, Statusing

  • Analytics: HR level, Job level and Candidate level dashboards

User Friendly to The Core

A friendly candidate experience and a conversational tone takes the stress away from applying and ensures more applicant conversions on the OfficeTroops platform for you to choose from.

Integrated Video 

Built in Video Profile capability allow candidates to make a best first impression and become more than a resume.


Panel Video Interviewing with 1 click is the killer app. All videos get transcribed can be reviewed and searched) and stored for posterity.


No more lost conversations on Skype or Hangouts

Work-styles as a new Dimentions

A candidate should be considered through multiple vantage points. 


OfficeTroops lets you match candidates based on profile & work-style scores for compatibility-fit with specific employment opportunities.

The Difference is Obvious

Compare OfficeTroops to other solutions and you realize that the competition doesn’t stack up.

Comparison with prominent ATS
Comparison with the recruitment module of a prominent HRMS

Our Growing Client List

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